Getting your Pinterest Wedding on a Budget

We all love to look at the amazing, out of this world weddings on Pinterest, but the reality is, few of us could afford such grandeur. Or is it?

We see these beautiful stylings on Pinterest, and we think “I could never afford that” but in actual fact, we are seeing just the few key features of a wedding.

A common mistake in trying to create the fairytale wedding is trying to cover every little area with flowers and decor, thus spreading it very thin, and it being lost. By concentrating on a few prominent areas and doing them well, they become the memorable features of your styling.

Make a list

Begin by taking a walk around your venues and making a list of the areas you most want styled. This may be a welcome area or drinks reception, an entrance corridor, the top table, or the cake table. Prioritise these areas in two ways.

Firstly according to what is most important to you to look well. Some people prefer to have their cake table styled over an entrance, or vice versa. A lot of this depend on the characteristics of the venue as well as your own ideas.

Secondly, consider the value you will get out of the money you will invest in styling certain areas. For example, if you are going to spend a lot of money styling a staircase with fresh flowers or candles, consider how many key moments of your day will be photographed on that stairs.

Cost vs Value

An example is the beautiful Wedding of Sophie & Damien in the stunning Mount Falcon Estate, where they made a lot of use of the feature staircase. Sophie got ready that morning in the hotel so had her photos of her leaving with her dad, their drinks reception was held in the reception lobby at the base of the stairs where guests had lots of time to appreciate the flowers and take selfies, and the couple made their entrance to their reception via the same stairs

Discuss the list with your stylist and don’t be afraid to ask for their suggestions or opinions in how to best allocate your spending. At VIP Weddings we have worked with couples who have had weddings in the same venue but decided to allocate their budget differently, by paring back on the staircase and creating an additional wow factor at the entrance to the ballroom.

Once you have your priority list, then allocate your budget from the top of the list downwards. Having 2-3 key features done well will have a bigger impact than lots of smaller lost details. These are the features that, done well, will become the Pinterest Pin of a future Bride

Featured Venue: Mount Falcon Estate, Ballina, Co Mayo

Photographer: John Reynolds Photography

If you are interested in VIP Weddings helping you to design your Dream Wedding contact us on or fill the enquiry form

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