Making the Most of an Intimate Wedding

Making the decision to postpone a Wedding in light of the current pandemic is testing, but will become that bit more difficult when we reach a stage where weddings are allowed again, but with limited numbers. However limited numbers doesn’t mean you cant have a dream wedding. Understandably it means there may be less ofContinue reading “Making the Most of an Intimate Wedding”

Exclusive All-Day Wedding Styling Package

At VIP Weddings we believe that each couple is unique, and each wedding should be as individual as the couple themselves, and reflect their own personalities. This is why we tailor an individual styling to suit each couples needs, venue, tastes and budget. “Be Yourself. Everyone else is Already Taken” Oscar Wilde However, we alsoContinue reading “Exclusive All-Day Wedding Styling Package”

What is a Rustic Wedding?

The word ‘rustic’ gets used a lot in the wedding arena these days, but what exactly is meant by a Rustic Wedding? The Oxford Dictionary describes the adjective ‘rustic’ as “typical of the country” or “made very simply of rough wood” A rustic wedding is one that takes it’s inspiration from earth, from the greatContinue reading “What is a Rustic Wedding?”

Time to Plan a Perfect Wedding

Staying safe indoors doesn’t mean you cant be excited for your upcoming wedding. In fact its a perfect time to do some research, get things organised, and put a plan in place for your dream day. Here are some tips to help you Using Pinterest Pinterest must be the ‘cant live without’ tool in WeddingContinue reading “Time to Plan a Perfect Wedding”

Getting your Pinterest Wedding on a Budget

We all love to look at the amazing, out of this world weddings on Pinterest, but the reality is, few of us could afford such grandeur. Or is it? We see these beautiful stylings on Pinterest, and we think “I could never afford that” but in actual fact, we are seeing just the few keyContinue reading “Getting your Pinterest Wedding on a Budget”