What is a Rustic Wedding?

The word ‘rustic’ gets used a lot in the wedding arena these days, but what exactly is meant by a Rustic Wedding?

The Oxford Dictionary describes the adjective ‘rustic’ as “typical of the country” or “made very simply of rough wood”

A rustic wedding is one that takes it’s inspiration from earth, from the great outdoors, from the beauty of the nature itself. Typically wood is used a lot in Rustic weddings, but fresh flowers, lush fresh foliage and greenery, wildflowers, nods to country-life, and natural, non-contrived installations are also key elements of a well-designed rustic wedding styling.

The key to well designed rustic styling is to keep it very simple looking, like things almost naturally appeared or grew in-situ, which in actual fact, is one of the more difficult things to do.

This asymmetrical rustic flower entrance was designed to look non-contrived and natural, as though it naturally grew creeping up the wall

Again, very natural, soft looking flowers added to a rough wood, antique ladder. With a very special horseshoe to represent a loved one not present

Natural, ‘just picked from the garden’ style bouquets and flowers are a popular choice for a really authentic, rustic vibe in your wedding styling details

Using lots of fresh foliage is another great way to create the look. In fact fresh foliage and candlelight is one of my favourite styles

Tips to get that Perfect Rustic Look for your Day:

*Don’t over-complicate your styling, keep it simple and understated

*Keep everything natural and loose looking, don’t over-think it, and don’t have every little detail perfectly matching and symmetrical

*Take inspiration from nature. There is lots more shapes, textures, and colour palettes out there than just brown wood

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