Time to Plan a Perfect Wedding

Staying safe indoors doesn’t mean you cant be excited for your upcoming wedding. In fact its a perfect time to do some research, get things organised, and put a plan in place for your dream day. Here are some tips to help you

Using Pinterest

Pinterest must be the ‘cant live without’ tool in Wedding Planning these days. There are so many ideas and pretty inspiration pictures. Having an account is one thing, but are you using it to its full potential?

Create different boards for different elements of your wedding, one for bouquets & flowers, one for ceremony styling ideas, one for your invitations, one for your make up inspo etc. You can then ‘invite’ (button on top right of page) your other half, your bridesmaids or even your relevant suppliers to view that board to get a feel for what you have in mind. We use this a lot with our VIP Couples as it saves them emailing 100’s of pictures to us. You can also set your board to ‘secret’ so that you can plan without any of your invited Pinterest friends or guests knowing what’s in store for your day.

You can follow us on Pinterest, “VIP Weddings” or follow us to invite us to your board.

You can also scan or Pincode to find us

Create Moodboards

Moodboards are a great way to put together a vision for how you want your day to look. Gathering ideas and putting them together in a way that you can see how the whole look come together will give you a much needed lift.

While I love Pinterest, I still like to collaborate my main ideas all in one board to see the overall look. PicCollage is my go to as its free to download, very easy to use, and boards can be edited at a later date. I popped together a sample mood board of one of my favourite looks from our VIP Weddings stock below using PicCollage.

Research your suppliers

When you have an idea of what you want or a vision of your wedding, its much easier to narrow down suitable suppliers. Now is a great time to start researching and contacting suppliers. When things go back to normal we will have twice as many weekly bookings to cater for and will be out of office a lot more, but for now we are mostly working from home and on admin.

Compare what different suppliers offer in terms of costs, quality of product, reliability or experience, and the service included as well as the product e.g, is delivery included? Are flowers fresh or silk? Are they there to take care of things on the day? How many other bookings do they take on a day?

A great resource for checking out current and experienced suppliers is the weddingsonline.ie directory. One of the bigger directories in Ireland, it also runs the popular ‘Help I’m Getting Married’ page on Facebook, an advice and sharing platform for Couples & suppliers.

Check out the directory: https://www.weddingsonline.ie/

Check out the conversation: https://www.facebook.com/groups/helpimgettingmarried/

Book your date

With the current crisis there are approx 4 months weddings being re-allocated to the latter half of this year and next year. Dates are being closed off quickly with popular suppliers. A lot of these suppliers, ourselves included, can book in the time for your wedding and you don’t have to make any final detailed decisions until nearer the date. This flexibility doesn’t apply to every supplier, dependent on type of service & how many weddings per date they take.

Write your reviews

So your day has come & gone, your excited about getting away on honeymoon, & by the time you get back you are getting ready to go back to work. All of a sudden sitting writing reviews seems like a big task, but you are then an experienced customer with lots of information & knowledge to share. These real reviews are worth so much to your suppliers, and to future couples, who want to hear from real couples experiences. Take the time now to make a list of your suppliers and draft a review for each & save them. Its just a case of editing them after the wedding.

Of course, if you are recently married and haven’t written your reviews, there is no time like the present!


DIY Weddings are not for everyone. If you cant sing, you wont sing at your own wedding, so if your not creative, don’t put yourself under huge pressure to DIY. Planning your wedding is something you should enjoy, so if the thoughts of cleaning & painting 200 mason jars is breaking you out in a sweat, don’t do it. There are plenty of smaller, easier and more relaxing things you can do in preparation. Ask your local printer to do some decals for you so you can do your dress hangers, the bottom of your wedding shoes, or your Bridemaid’s gifts. Start collecting the photos for your memory table or if you are having a photo collage prop. Making a small ring box is also a nice little DIY that wont put huge pressure on you, but is a special little detail of the day. Link below to a little DIY video I made a few years back (excude the typos! )

If you are interested in VIP Weddings helping you to design your Dream Wedding contact us on info@myvipwedding.ie or fill the enquiry form http://www.myvipwedding.ie

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